What do I need to provide to see if I'm approved for a loan?

1. Fill out the Super Simple online application or do it in person here at our office. Apply Now Then upon Approval be ready to provide: 2. Valid driver’s license (Oregon preferred) 3. Proof of income (Recent pay stub, Award letter, Tax statements, etc.) 4. Proof of residence (Utility bill, Rental agreement) 5. Five References: Name, Address and Phone Number 6. Proof of “Full Coverage” insurance with $500 or less deductible with Hyland Acceptance Company listed as the loss payee / lien holder.

Can I change my due date?

YES. A due-date can be changed ONCE during the life of your loan as long as your account is in good standing. You may be required to pay the interest amount due between your current due date and the requested due date. Please ask an account representative for more detail.

Can I make extra payments or pay my loan off early?

YES. Please be sure to specify with your account representative if you wish to make a principal only payment or direct an overpayment to your principal balance. Most of our loans do not have a pre-payment penalty, however some consumer direct loans may have this clause in your contract. Please review your contract or contact us for clarification.

Do you report to a Credit Bureau so I can build my credit?

YES. Hyland Acceptance Company reports your payment history to TransUnion, providing you the opportunity to establish or rebuild your credit rating.

Do you offer payday loans?

NO. We offer traditional installment loans secured by personal property or an approved vehicle title. Traditional payday loans and the rates and terms typically associated with these loans can put the borrower at a much greater risk than the traditional installment loans we offer.